Tapetech EasyClean Loading Pump ( 76TT )

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TapeTech 76TT Loading Pump

The 76TT EasyClean Loading Pump is used to fill all TapeTech Automatic Taping & Finishing Tools. The 76TT features a twist-lock footvalve for secure connection during operation and easy removal for cleaning and maintenance.


The integrated O-ring gasket for the filler eliminates the need for costly, consumable paper gaskets. 


The TapeTech 76TT EasyClean Loading Pump combines reliability with innovation. It features the slim tube design preferred by professional finishers and robust construction for dependable performance and long life. The TapeTech 76TT Loading Pump has a redesigned head and a new Twist-lock foot valve that provides secure attachment and easy removal for cleaning and maintenance and does not require a paper gasket for the filler adapter or gooseneck due to an innovative, integrated O-Ring that provides a terrific seal with fewer headaches from lost, worn or damaged paper gaskets. The 76TT pump accepts the standard 85T gooseneck and 90T filler adapter and fills Automatic Tapers with 85T gooseneck. (All Sold Separately) 


  • Twist-lock foot valve for secure connection during operation and easy removal for cleaning or maintenance

  • Integrated O-ring at filler eliminates the need for costly, consumable paper gaskets

  • Streamlined head design for easy cleaning


  • EasyClean Loading Pump - 76TT

  • Fine Screen Mesh

  • Coarse Screen Mesh



With its two nozzles, the EasyClean™ Pump fills nail spotters, automatic tapers, flat boxes, corner applicators and the MudRunner® The filler attachment is secured to the EasyClean™ Pump by aligning the slots of the filler over the studs on the EasyClean™ Pump housing and tightening the two hex nuts.

There is no additional gasket required between the EasyClean™ Pump and the filler . Place the EasyClean™ Pump in a standard five gallon bucket, making sure the joint compound is well mixed and free of lumps. A new or freshly cleaned EasyClean™ Pump should be primed before use by pouring 1/2 cup (100 ml) of water into the outlet. Once the EasyClean™ Pump is full of joint compound, no further priming is needed.


The EasyClean™ Pump can be disassembled by disengaging the two clasps at the top of the EasyClean® Pump and pulling the barrel away from the main EasyClean™ Pump body.

The plunger can then be removed by disengaging the quick release pin and sliding the plunger through the EasyClean™ Pump housing.

The foot valve can be removed by twisting and pulling the valve down and away from the cylinder.

The EasyClean™ Pump can now be cleaned by using a water hose or water and a brush to remove the joint compound from the EasyClean® Pump housing and plunger.

Then, after the tool is clean, lightly oil with Ames® Bazooka® Oil or any light machine oil.

To keep your EasyClean™ Pump in top working order, you may need to replace the screen and o-rings on your EasyClean™ Pump. These items should be checked when you clean your EasyClean™ Pump.

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