FSI 20kg Silverseal HS Compound - FMHS

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Silverseal HS (High Strength) Compound is a Gypsum based compound used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of floor and wall constructions where apertures exist for the penetrations of multiple services. Silverseal HS Compound once cured has excellent load bearing capabilities and can be installed in large span openings.

Silverseal HS Compound is tested and Certified as part the FSI Fire Stopping range Silverseal HS Compound can be installed across a variety services and substrates including:

  • Rigid Floors
  • Rigid Walls
  • Multi-Service penetrations
  • Blank Openings
  • Head of Walls

Key Product Points:

  • Can be used in rigid floors and walls with fire rated dampers
  • Rapid setting, zero shrinkage formulation - can be used as pourable or trowel grade, gas tight seals
  • Excellent workability ranging from stiff to pourable mix
  • Good load bearing performance in floor seals, *No structural support required for seals up to 1800mm spans
  • Silverseal Compounds can be waterproofed

Silverseal-HS-and-STD-Compound-TDS-June-2019 PDF



Silverseal-HS-Compound-SDS-Dec-2019 PDF